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So I think I may have a problem. I limited myself to one pair of boots this fall/winter. Then what happened?

20131207-144253.jpgThis happened. Firstly, it started off with the Half Yearly Sale at Nordstrom. I got the Frye boots I have always wanted. Opting for glossy black then the originally intended brown. A couple months pass. Then Nordstrom strikes again! I see in the catalog, some winter boots. So I think to myself, “I don’t have any winter boots that are waterproof and withstand subzero temperatures. I must have these boots!” Found them at Nordstrom Rack for a lot cheaper than the ones in the catalog. Probably last season but it’s red and cute. Who cares?

20131207-144348.jpgA couple weeks later… Nastygal has a sale. Then the platform booties were found and bought. Thought I should add some color to my shoe wardrobe. Next, enter my trip to Arizona. This time it took me a few months to pull the trigger after Tucson. I thought about it and said no to myself on more than one occasion. THEN I found cowboy/girl or western boots on sale. Oy vey. But how cute would they look with leggings and a flannel? Or a floral dress? Lastly, my lace-up booties. I have similar lace-up sandals in black so I thought this neutral color would be a nice change of pace. This is it – I swear.

20131207-144434.jpgMy name is La Femme Ren and I’m a (seasonal) boot addict.