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Welcome lovelies,

Hello there!  I’m really glad you were able to stop by my blog for the modern day woman.  The name La Femme Ren represents the number of interests that the 21st century woman is into these days – whether it’s sports, fashion, travel or any number of things.  This blog is to engage the everyday modern woman – the working woman, the family-oriented woman – the woman that is increasingly pressured to become a super woman.  To be able to clean, cook, exercise, be made up, have a successful career, etc.  In my opinion – every woman is a Renaissance woman.  There are so many facets to all of us and we are here to explore and expose those features that make us phenomenal.

So, in this last year of my twenties, I realized that I haven’t recorded my personal thoughts or life events in almost ten years (previously via a series of diaries that ranged from Keroppi themed to purple velvet – oooh).  What better way to journalize than a blog these days?  Please join me in a documentation of personal growth – through the triumphs, failures, struggles and the fun in the journey we call life.  I really hope that most of you can relate to me as an everyday person – I don’t have an extraordinary talent but I do love life and everything it’s comprised of.

In appreciation of art in all forms, the love of new experiences and lessons learned will be documented in this blog.  We will discuss a wide spectrum of topics; most of which will be food, fashion, beauty, career, art, travel and more!  If I run out of topics to talk about a few times a week, I will then bore you with my past Instagram posts. LOL.

Disclaimer:  I will be honest and bound within my keen sense of morality and political correctness but my thinking is often in spiral form so you may get random posts about uncanny themes.  Hopefully it will make you laugh – a la Seinfeld-ish everyday humor. Also, I am new to this blog thing so please excuse the construction as I learn this process.  You may find a different look every once in awhile.  Thanks!

Okay, enough of the heavy – needed an intro to the blog and now we get into the fun stuff!

Bon appetit!