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Happy Monday all!

I am posting this from the WordPress app on my iPhone 5. Let’s see how it goes. Today, I ate a comfort meal of tomato soup and my version of a somewhat healthy grilled cheese. Growing up, I would go over to my best friend Theresa’s – who I’ve known since 2nd grade! As a snack, she would always make this burrito-esque concoction of tortilla and Monterey Jack cheese. She would fry it up and we would eat it with her mom’s homemade salsa. Oh man – that salsa was the best salsa ever. I haven’t come across another like Angie’s. Sigh.

Anyways, the soup I got from Trader Joe’s – one of the best grocery stores IMO. It’s their organic tomato and roasted red pepper soup. I’m not a big tomato soup fan but this one is truly delicious. From the same shopping trip, I bought their low carb wheat tortilla and lite havarti cheese. To make the dish, I quickly sprayed my frying pan with canola spray (also from TJ’s) and when it was hot enough, threw my tortilla in. I split one slice of the cheese in half and laid both pieces in the middle of the tortilla. I folded over each side like an envelope and flipped the mini quesadilla. When the cheese was nice and melty, it was removed from the pan and cut on a bias. It was then dunked it into the hot soup and devoured.