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On Thursdays, I usually post a bathroom selfie on Instagram of what I’m wearing to work that day. This tradition started because there are an unusual number of bathroom stalls; which makes for good perspective. A fair warning, however, I don’t have a constantly new wardrobe by season. I tend to buy pieces that are classic and I will wear for awhile, especially for work. For play, on the other hand…

My usual uniform for work is a dress with a blazer. Or a pencil skirt and blouse. But because I am avoiding heels at the moment, I’m wearing flats. Why am I avoiding heels at the moment? Well a couple of weeks ago, I played in my 2nd golf tournament and always tend to forget my favorite tee (yes, I’m weird but my mom gave it to me) after driving the ball. I ran back to last hole and slightly twisted my ankle. Golf shoes do not equal running shoes.

Okay, back to THIS post. Haha. This is my OOTD (Outfit of the Day). Black ankle pants from Ann Taylor recently. Pink flats. Pink silk blouse. Black pinstripe vest.