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This weekend has been pretty hectic with errands and work. Saturday, after an appointment, I grabbed empanadas for lunch. El Patio in Rockville, MD are known for their Argentinian style empanadas. The different flavors include beef, chicken, ham and cheese, spinach and corn. I also grabbed a saltena and a pastry made with guava and cheese. The empanadas were decent and the pastry was so so – nothing like European pastries. While I’m no expert on either empanadas and saltenas, I think I definitely like saltenas better. They’re bigger, juicier and tastier to me. I used to go to a Bolivian place called My Bakery on Falls Church but they are unfortunately closed. This place had an awesome drink called mocochinchi – a cinnamon peach drink that is delicious! I have yet to find a place that’s as good as My Bakery. Here is a picture of the empanadas I ate:


While on the Latin cuisine topic, I am also on the hunt for yummy tamales. They’re apparently hard to find in the DC area. Checked Yelp and the places that come up are mostly known for pupusas. Hopefully I will find a place soon because I may have to resort to making my own. But like making egg rolls, spring rolls or dumplings – it’s very labor intensive. Not sure if I want to invest time to make 300 tamales for a craving. Lol.

I digress. Back to Saturday. Later that night, I headed over to my bestie’s place for her housewarming and her man’s birthday party. Since it was very casual, I decided to don my bandana print leggings, my Frye boots and a sweatshirt blazer thing from Forever 21 bought on my trip to King of Prussia mall. It was an outfit varying in shades of black, white and grey, so I threw in a splash of color with my Pendleton purse. The tank is actually from Target and one of my favorites. Who knew?


Hope you all had a good weekend. I’m hoping I can post once more before I go MIA for the week.