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Hello pretties! It’s been awhile since my last post but last week, I took a trip to Dominican Republic to make like geese and head south for the winter – albeit temporarily. It was a beautiful trip. The water was warm and I discovered my new favorite beach at Sanoa Island. This was where Johnny Depp’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean was stranded in the middle of the sea. The waves were minuscule and I was literally rolling around in them without drowning. (Those pictures came out horribly and thus aren’t being posted :))

The resort was right on the water and we were able to get premium liquor so the BF was happy to say the least. I got horrible bites from sand fleas(?) all over my lower legs and they killed. Lol. The food was asi-asi or so-so. Nothing to write home about. The meats were dry and I found myself eating a lot of carbs. They had a Dominican night and that was good. There was an amazing soup, goat stew and roast pig or lechon. Delish! I’m pleased to say we had a very relaxing vacation.

Almost every night, we had dinner reservations on the resort and had to dress “formally” to dinner. See below for my outfits for three nights. I mixed up prints, went all black with red lips and threw in some street style with a bralette, joggers and a dark lippy.






20131127-111905.jpgPictures from the excursion to Sanoa Island below:



20131127-112057.jpgIsn’t it beautiful?

On every trip, souvenir shopping is on the agenda for my loved ones but I almost always get a Christmas ornament and/or a piece of jewelry. I’m really mad at myself for not getting an ornament this time but the pickings were extremely slim. However, I did manage to buy this beaute.

20131127-112247.jpgMy favorite animal is the sea turtle; Green, Leatherback, Loggerhead – I love them all. This piece is also special because of the stone: Larimar. It’s only found in Dominican Republic. The stone was coined after the namer’s daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for sea, Mar. It’s said to have healing powers; especially to help communication skills if it’s worn close to the throat. I don’t know about you but I love that kind of stuff.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my vacation! I was hoping to have a really jazzed up post but my week has been insane with work and prepping for Thanksgiving. I’m starting my pies tonight to alleviate tomorrow’s work. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Questions or comments? Let me know!